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Membership Plans: Apply Now


Get on the road to better golf

Option 1:
Platinum Practice

  • Unlimited golf course use (usually £9 per round)

  • 100 Free balls on the Trackman Range daily, half price thereafter (usually £9.50 per 100) (personal use only)

  • 1 hour a week in our Trackman Swing Room (usually £25 per hour)

  • Optional weekly member competitions 

            £45 per month

Option 2:
Course Only

  • Unlimited golf course use (usually £9 per round)

  • Optional weekly member competitions

            £25 per month 

Our membership programs offer fantastic value for money and have been extremely popular.


Our members range from complete beginners, through to Professional club golfers, who have all experienced the benefits of regular, focused practice, and seen the results on the scorecard for themselves.

If you join our membership, there is no contract to sign, and we don't tie you in for lengthy periods.. it's literally a month to month commitment, and you can cancel whenever you like, but we find that most people joining us often become part of the social scene and warm atmosphere at the range, and it becomes much more than just a regular membership.

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